Sep 3, 2015

Homemade photo Alla Pugacheva Leach fans

 photo Alla Pugacheva without makeup

 photo Alla Pugacheva without makeup

Alla Pugacheva looks great thanks to healthy diet, good sleep and love.

Stylist Alla Pugacheva Alisher posted a blog entry a snapshot of prima donnas, on which it is embodied in an unusual fans. Singer met the designer at the door of the castle in a simple black dress-shirt, without a gram of cosmetics on person, with a free hair coiffed. Alisher came in delight from the appearance of the star, as immediately reported in social networks:

"I came today to visit our girl and stupefied, what beauty I met at the door of the Castle! And I could not resist and sfotkal on cell phone, barely talked it don't delete comment, I want to have all seen what it rozumnychka and how she looks and is preparing for the "new wave" to please their fans with new songs, new outfits and a new self. Here's what it means to proper diet, good sleep and around your favorite people. Proud of our Alla! P.s. Scolded me that without makeup, but I personally like better without makeup.

"Looks great! Good job!!! Alisher thanks for the photo! It is natural here! "," the star without further ADO! Infinite respect! "," Alla looks just gorgeous! And without makeup it much better! "," what a beautiful and clever! Straight pride for it takes! Bravo, Alla Borisovna! "they wrote.

Fans noted that the 66-year-old Alla Borisovna incredibly lost fans, special attention had been attracted by the slender and fit legs Pugacheva.

Note that it is not the first time Alla Pugacheva makes fans wonder. In June this year's birthday Diva producer Seeds Mogilev struck gathered performance dance erotic content. At first she was spinning together with Maxim Galkin, was a Duet with Tamara Gverdtsiteli slow song in French, but then resorted to a Chair. Guests applauded Alla Borisovna and could not deter the enthusiastic cries.

Homemade photo Alla Pugacheva Leach fans

Post a few hours after Alisher grossed nearly two thousand people, and left more than 180 Prima fans delighted comments.

It can be assumed that Alisher came to Alla Pugacheva, to pick up her imagery and outfits for appearances at the Festival "new wave", which will be held in Sochi from 2 to 11 October. By the way, on the site where you can buy tickets for this large-scale musical event, reported that "the Muse Festival Alla Pugacheva will participate in all the days of the" new wave ", in addition to concerts and 8 October 5. So fans of divas should hurry with the purchase of tickets.

In addition, as reported earlier, in October, together with Alla Pugacheva Maxim Galkin intends to give a concert in Georgia on the day of the city of Tbilisi.

"As I know Alla had already decided, and it is positive. We look forward to her return from vacation to decide all questions of organization, "said Boris Krasnov «StarHitu». -Concert of Alla Pugacheva is scheduled on the day of the city of Tbilisi. But the exact date is not yet known, so as to celebrate will be 28 to 30 October. Already have a platform, it will be a Palace of sports. Sample programme also has as Alla intends to come together with her husband Maxim Galkin, the concert will consist of two parts: the first is a statement of Maxim, and the second is the Ally. Together they will perform hits, such as "Bud ILI ne Bud", "This love", "Café".

Alla Pugacheva is gone from the scene and stopped touring in 2010 year after the farewell tour. For five years she returned twice: in December 2012-ND for the sake of their own "Christmas meetings"; in the summer of 2014, she came on the scene "Dzintari" Concert Hall on the creative evening of the contest "new wave".