Sep 9, 2015

first official pictures: Bella Hadid & sleeve calms rapper friend

first official pictures: Bella Hadid & muffeliger rapper friend

Great stink photo!

Has been speculated long and now it's finally official: model Bella Hadid and rapper the Weeknd are seriously in love. The pair from a club - strolling hand-in-hand, but obviously you don't like them, they are photographed doing.

Happy in love they look not just: sister Gigi Hadid leaving a dance hall together with her lover after a party and draws with a serious face. Also her new love is not just enthusiastic. With one hand holding the US rapper while his pretty girlfriend Bella very firmly, but with the other he shows quite openly his middle finger at the camera. With a photo of the stink, the native Canadian proves that he is a real gangster.

But why so aggressive? Normally, there should be no reason for it, because after all, it is their first joint appearance. The fans certainly have seen yet no evidence photo of the fresh love. But probably will be on the account of Instagram Bella to see soon a much nicer.

Bella Hadid and muffeliger rapper friend

Bella Hadid and muffeliger rapper friend