Sep 15, 2015

Fear of scandal: Duchess Kate has a woman as a bodyguard

Fear of scandal: Duchess Kate has a woman as a bodyguard

Because Princess Diana?

Prince Charles would not probably that William happens the same thing his son like him in the past: his fatal accident wife Diana may have had a relationship with her bodyguard. That is the reason why Duchess Kate is guarded by a woman.

Emma Probert maintains the women's quota in the Royal bodyguard team: is the only bodyguard in the British Empire and has a precise eye on Kate. As the magazine wants to have found out express, Prince Charles has caused the arrangement: "When Kate has engaged, it was Charles who met the women-only agreement to threaten them in any way" tells a former bodyguard of the Royals.

This should be, that his first wife Diana allegedly had a fling with her bodyguard Barry. If now the use of a female Protectress is to prevent that the mother of Prince George and Princess Charlotte Papa William is not cheating?

"I have heard that Charles is heavily involved, who will set. "And if he asks for more women, he will get more women," says the ex-employee of the Royal security sector. If it's true that Charles has worried about his older son's marriage or whether it's just because that bodyguard Probert prevailed in the application phase and persuaded the Royal family, Charles' little secret is probably.