Sep 9, 2015

Farrah Abraham snaps: "I kill everyone in the House!"

Farrah Abraham in Celebrity Big Brother

In "Celebrity Big Brother"

Not get some things about which you can complain at the shows from celebrity big brother - is lack of action! The next blast now follows Janice Dickinson's collapse after a bee sting. This time the focus: Farrah Abraham in the role of a wild fury.

Whether so much accustomed to sex tapes or past wrong beauty treatments - from the ex-teen mom is one. Nevertheless manages to shock a her again and again. In a dispute with Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton, now totally loses the mastery of the 23-year-old and escape without mercy away. The whole thing went so far, that was the "big brother" to obliged to intervene. With an announcement through the speaker Farrah was asked in the visiting room, to cool their mind there something - unfortunately it was not quite!

Farrah Abraham in Celebrity Big Brother

As she takes place on the Chair, she will be asked if you're aware, why she was called away but instead of considering she screaming threats at the camera: 'what? Just because I wanted to wipe out the scum of this House? I'm going to kill everyone in this House. I'm tired of this negative bullshit! I'm fucking angry!" However, the Celebrity Big Brother was in this country still a peaceful event.