Sep 26, 2015

Fans worried: why is Lena Gercke on crutches?

Fans worried: why is Lena Gercke on crutches?

Excitement to top model.

A few days ago, Lena Gercke wowed as jaunty Madl in the gold-Dirndl at the Oktoberfest. It seemed that the winner of the first Germany had overcome the tough summer well's next top model season after her relationship with Sami Khedira. But now, a new photo from the Internet under their fans ensures excitement.

Lena Gercke

Leaning on crutches, you can see Lena on a Facebook snapshot in a restaurant. Their followers posteten affiliated concern: "What happened, Lena?" or "Get well!" Already in her comments to the photo she tells her fans and reassured them: "If your paragraphs you in at night, umbringen...dann take this!" There is Lena probably allow a little fun and on the crutches just a high-heels break is allowed. And the small relaxation well obviously you do: cheerful smiles her into the camera, while the stress with the painful paragraphs in the background moves.

top model Lena Gercke

Perhaps, Lena's trick in painful high heels feet makes Yes the round. Then you can look forward soon to women in clubs, which treat yourself a little break from her high-heeled shoes backing off on crutches.