Sep 16, 2015

Dmitry Peskov about the call of Vladimir Putin Elton John: "it never happened"

Dmitry Peskov about the call of Vladimir Putin Elton John

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov denied reports about a telephone conversation of Vladimir Putin with British singer and defender of the rights of the LGBT community by Elton John.

This is not true. No conversation was not. I declare that President Putin spoke on the phone with sir Elton John

told journalists Sands.

Elton John

Vladimir Putin

A day earlier in mass media there was information that Vladimir Putin called Elton John, who some time ago announced his desire to meet with the President of the Russian Federation, to discuss the rights of sexual minorities in Russia.

On Monday, the social network, the singer was published portrait photo of our President with the caption: "Thanks to President Putin that called me today. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss LGBT rights with him in person". But Dmitry Peskov expressed doubt that the account of John, when the message actually belongs to the artist.

However, Instagram-page of the singer marked as verified, and representatives of the musician confirmed that the Russian President called celebrities.