Sep 20, 2015

Cristiano Ronaldo invited a Syrian boy at a football match

Cristiano Ronaldo-good guy. And, of course, he could not remain indifferent to the situation of Syrian refugees fleeing the war in Europe. Especially Ronaldo touches history of children who are forced to wander the world. Football player invited a Syrian boy on the football match and left him on the field.

The whole world is outraged, video recording in which journalist puts the bandwagon Syrian refugee, running with his little son Zaid on his hands. The Act angered the entire world (leadership was forced to apologize and dismiss the staff member). Not remained indifferent to this and a famous footballer. Ronaldo invited Zaid, his father and brother on the football match where his team Real Madrid played against Spanish club "Granada".

Zaid came out with Ronaldo on the field. Boy, as Real Madrid players wore a t-shirt to support Syrian refugees. This month, Real Madrid has donated 1 million euros to help fleeing war inhabitants of Syria. And one of the families that the Club offered its support, Zaid's family.