Coffee break in Berlin: Justin Bieber ensures fan hysteria.

Coffee break in Berlin: Justin Bieber ensures fan hysteria.

Probably for some German fans, it's the sensation of the year: Justin Bieber drinking a latte in Berlin. And all want to see Biebs as he takes his coffee with pleasure to himself. But Justin sure otherwise knows it to be tracked at every step.

Spotted: Justin Bieber is in the capital. And so much probably never happened outside a Café! Here, the singer would like to insert with his bodyguards between his many Berlin dates just a coffee little break. To see is how he pulls quite cool in his frappuccino straw. While he apparently unimpressed, that a cluster of people outside the entrance of the Cafe brought - together and that is because of him! He hides his new hairstyle casual under a hood. Nevertheless, he is an absolute eye-catcher!

And apparently this is not his last coffee in Berlin. He is still a few days in the city and enjoys life in Berlin. This should please his fans!

Justin Bieber Coffee break in Berlin

in Berlin: Justin Bieber ensures fan hysteria

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