Sep 12, 2015

Chris Brown: he gets the alternating custody of daughter Royalty!

Chris Brown: he gets the alternating custody of daughter Royalty!

After months of court battle, Chris Brown has finally got what he wanted: alternating custody of her baby girl!

Victory! It was the decision of justice that Chris Brown was waiting for a long time! He learned that he was father of a little girl just a few months ago, the 26-year-old singer has quickly taken under his wing and while everything to spend as much time as possible with her!

However, his ex-girlfriend Nia Guzman did everything for him put sticks in the wheels and get sole custody of the pretty Royalty... After months of conflict with judicial battle, the trial took place today (Friday 11 September) and Chris Brown can be proud of it!

Ready to do anything to prove that he is a good father, able to properly raise his daughter, he had provided various documents to the Court and denounced the "unacceptable" Nia behavior. According to TMZ American website revealing the information, Chris Brown got so alternating custody of her little Royalty and poised even to welcome him home today!

NIA Guzman had requested that only monitored visits should be granted to the American star... The judge has decided otherwise and Royalty will spend 4 days with his father and four with his mother. A guard simplified since parents live now both in Los Angeles!