Sep 8, 2015

Chelsea Clinton: Kanye West President? "This is awesome!"

Chelsea Clinton abu Kanye West President

In an interview for MTV News, Chelsea support Kanye West. Will she give up her own mother for the darling of Kim Kardashian?

During the MTV VMA 2015, Kanye West has concluded his speech by announcing that he had presidential 2020. Following this, he received the support of many friends from Rihanna to Taylor Swift. Internet users, they were less favourable to this unusual nomination. But Kanye can especially count press size, Chelsea Clinton's.
Sorry Hillary!

Impossible to ignore who is this young woman since it is the daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton. His mother has even presidential 2016 facing Donald Trump. And if she is elected, she will be so against Kanye West in 2020 (if she decided to follow a new mandate).

Only if she hoped to count on the support of his offspring it is missed. In an interview, the woman said what she thought of the candidature of the rapper: "even if he said it like that, it helps the boys and girls watching the VMA and say: Oh wow!" "Maybe I can do that ' this is awesome '.

Kanye West, soon at the head of a movement that encourages young people to engage in politics? And why not! In the meantime, remains to be seen if the man is going to continue his campaign and if everything is not just a joke.