Sep 7, 2015

Caught! Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk smooch dearly

Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk paparazzi photos

The 1st couple photo

The sweet love rumours about the new dream pair Bradley Cooper are finite and Irina Shayk confirmed! It was already said that the two had been seen parked at the Club and also the one or the other night should have spent together. Now it is not only beautiful illusions and assumptions, but is proven fact: Bradley and Irina were caught at the unrestrained smooch of a photographer!

Caught! Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk smooch dearly

Apparently, Bradley wanted to lead his Irina through Atlantic City and show you the area where he once grew up. It's must have heavily crackled between them, because the newly in love could hold no longer rein in and kissed passionately on the open road. Then they embraced dearly and not let the finger.

The actor and the model should have dated on the occasion of the lab days with some friends and the mother of the Schönlings for dinner in Atlantic City. Bradley used the evening to introduce his new girlfriend to his closest confidants. Supposedly they ate the evening in various restaurants and Cafés, before they went to Philadelphia to Beyoncé concert "Made in America".