Sep 6, 2015

Britney Spears cracks on the best friend of his ex-fiance!

Britney Spears cracks on the best friend of his ex-fiance!

Why look far when you can look at the neighbor? Britney Spears has focused his sights on a new young man who is none other than the best friend of his ex-fiance, Jason Trawick.

The conquests of Britney Spears do not count on the fingers of one hand. Not frankly veinarde in love, she has always been the chic fall on profiteers. And then she met Charlie Ebersol and during eight months it was mad love.

Family, romantic holiday and fusional love photos... But obviously, Brit-Brit is impossible to cram and with a flick of the hand she sent walk her boyfriend, which was devastated. But do not believe that she is going to stay single long, since she has cracked on a new young man. Only there is a concern... He is a former fiance's best friend, Jason Trawick. Remember you she had left it in January 2013, it was, at the time of his agent.
Love triangle in sight?

Indeed, the TMZ site revealed that the singer was much closer Cade Hudson, the best friend of his ex. It is Friday, September 4 that they have spent the evening at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas and were very close and hugs.

In the meantime, not sure that Jason agrees with it. If it's one thing to forget his ex-fiancée, has another to see regularly because she way with one of your friends. And what of the saying "The homies before girls"?