Sep 3, 2015

Britney Spears asked the men at the concert: "Lick a finger on my leg!"

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Attending the performance of Britney Spears audiences, it seems, did not expect such a reception. Especially men. Singer very roughly expressed towards representatives of stronger sex on her recent concert in Las Vegas.

Statement by Britney started very positively. Star came on the scene, inspected the Hall and noted how beautiful all women. And here men praise from singer is not received. Artist decided not to specifically handle and very aggressively appealed to them:

How to look good girl, Oh my! And you, men, frankly, can lick the fucking finger on my leg!

from the stage, singer said.

It should be reminded that not so long ago Britney banged in feminism and stated that better Bodo make people dislike than allow yourself to offend.

I will not allow anyone to touch yourself. I refuse to tolerate injustice. If it will make me stervoj, then so be it. I accept this title. I am proud that I bitch!

Spears said.

Britney, of course we are pleased that you decided to assert their rights, but maybe it's better to do it in a more delicate manner?

Britney Spears at the concert

Britney Spears at the concert