Sep 7, 2015

At Brooklyn Beckham's new girl?

At Brooklyn Beckham's new girl?

If David Beckham had long been settled down and now presents itself as a faithful and reliable family man, his 16-year-old son Brooklyn Beckham still only beginning to search for the second half. It is worth noting that he leads these searches are extremely active. No sooner had the first rumors around the novel of a young man with the actress Chloe Moretz as already noticed in Paris in the company of a lovely lady.

Brooklyn Beckham's new girl

Brooklyn Beckham's new girlfriends

Earlier in an interview with Chloe Moretz has been repeatedly recognized that she likes spending time with Brooklyn, as well as his family. In addition, the young actress is a fan of Victoria Beckham fashion house. But apparently, Brooklyn was not ready to answer the same enthusiastic feelings and chose a mysterious brunette.

New lady need to be neat-Brooklyn is severe and ruthless. After a quarrel with Lois young man nedrognuvšej hand removed the former lover of social networks.

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