A marriage and a divorce at the Kardashian?

Kylie Jenner ready to say 'yes' to Tyga, but Kim Kardashian is afraid for his couple

Kylie Jenner ready to say 'yes' to Tyga, but Kim Kardashian is afraid for his couple!

Not a single day passes without the Kardashians make news. While Kylie Jenner would be willing to married with Tyga, Kim Kardashian would accuse Kanye West to be unfaithful.

The Kardashian/Jenner family has had its share of divorce and marriage... While Kylie Jenner takes off (slowly) formalizing its relationship with Tyga, Kim Kardashian would fear for the couple. Indeed, the bimbo feared that Kanye West cheating...

Kylie Jenner and Tyga engaged?

Would Kylie Jenner be soon a woman married at just 18 years old? In any case, the young woman does not stop to play with our nerves displayed with diamonds on the left ring finger, on the pretext of showing her new hair color. A source is especially entrusted to the Hollywood Life website, and it seems that two lovers want to pass up a gear, the source who said:
Tyga and Kylie are engaged. He gave her this ring and requested in marriage", before adding:"they are not yet ready to announce it to everyone, it keeps the new secret for the moment.

That said, knowing the tastes of luxury of the young, Tyga will be at the height? Indeed, according to the website Radar Online, the flaming Ferrari that Kylie Jenner led to his birthday was... rented by Tyga and on behalf of Kylie Jenner! The rapper would not have enough money for him to offer one, knowing that it weighs "only" "4 million", according to a close source, who adds: "sisters Kylie and Kris worry thinking that Tyga trying to benefit by being with her. She is young and they think that she could not see what is happening."

Fortunately, Tyga has more to worry about his ex Blac Chyna, too busy with his break with I Leon Love. Indeed, according to the website TMZ, the young woman and the Boxer would have broken without consuming their love, because their overloaded schedules.

Would Kanye West be unfaithful?

While Kylie Jenner lives of happy days at the side of Tyga - the two lovebirds have proved to be closer than ever in the music video "$timulated", Kim Kardashian is concerned more about the future of his marriage. Falling on the Kanye West ex messages, the bimbo would fear be unfaithful. Their marriage would already beat the wing? In any case, the two stars appeared more United than ever during the MTV Video Music Awards, where Kanye West did part of his project to attend presidential 2020. It can also count on the support of Taylor Swift who has posted on Instagram photo below to encourage him!

Taylor Swift who has posted on Instagram photo below to encourage Kanye West

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