Sep 4, 2015

Paris Hilton: A firefighter found his lost ring with a value of $ 350,000!

A firefighter found his lost ring with a value of $ 350,000!

Did you say lucky? This is exactly what has been Paris Hilton having lost a valuable ring...

Last Friday, August 28, Paris Hilton has lost a big ring encrusted with diamonds with a value of $ 350,000 in a shuttle to airport in Lodz in Poland, and two days after a Polish firefighter found this famous ring in the same shuttle.

TMZ reports that a spokesman for the airport explained that the firefighter had recognized the ring finger of Paris Hilton on the television and decided to call the airline to tell them that he had in his possession. But the site does not fail to point out the fact that if this ring had belonged to a person unknown, firefighter have never returned it. If he had wanted to be honest from the beginning, it would have reported it directly to the found objects.

Obviously this person knows that when we act thus with a famous person, and really rich, there is often a reward in return!

And he was right since yesterday, Thursday, September 3, Paris has confirmed to our American brothers that she was panicked when she realized that she had lost the ring in the shuttle that would lead it to his private jet and that it hoped to thank the person who has returned to him! She asked in fact a firefighter coordinates so she can give him a reward and send gifts to his family.

So this is a nice proof that kindness always, pay is not?