Yevgeny Vasilyeva released on parole

- August 25, 2015

Yevgeny Vasilyeva released on parole

Evgenia Vasilyeva finally that spring was sentenced to five years in prison for fraud, didn't last long: Sudogodskij Court freed ex-Iranian clash of Defense parole.

As reported by the Russian press, today will leave the colony, Vasilieva which served the penalty. Thank you for the news blogger mari-mari.

We remind that Yevgeny Vasilyeva was convicted for theft of more than 800 million roubles. It also ordered to pay 77 million rubles for claims of victims organizations.

Previously, it was reported that the official can be released on earlier: the Court counted the time that she has spent under house arrest. It also was necessary to obtain the consent of the victims, prosecutors and positive characteristic from the colony.

In addition, the father concluded that businessman Nikolai Vasilev, not so long ago repaid all claims in the case for their daughter and other defendants that sped up the release. The amount reimbursed damage exceeded 216 million rubles.

Vasilyev was under house arrest since November a year until 2012 in May of this year, it is not transferred to the remand prison. All this time she was active, which remained in the spotlight: gave interviews, drew pictures, who signed the name EVA, wrote lyrics and even filmed clips.

One of the pictures of Evgenia Vasilyeva
One of the pictures of Evgenia Vasilyeva

Soon find out, will the Vasiliev to demonstrate to the world their creativity after the liberation.



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