Top10 Instagram 8/31/2015

1. Taylor Swift 507822

Taylor Swift just look at these two.

2. Kylie Jenner 488693


3. Selena Gomez 467284

Selena Gomez Wouldn't have it any other way!

4. Justin Bieber 407482

Justin Bieber

5. Kim Kardashian 400450

Kim Kardashian VMA'S 2015

6. Kendall Jenner 337657

Kendall Jenner

7. Cristiano Ronaldo 325001

Cristiano Ronaldo Team Portugal spirit

8. Miley Cyrus 302844

Miley Cyrus fuckyeahtomymostnormalselfieever!!!!!

9. Khloé Kardashian 283768

Khloé Kardashian Mr West!!!

10. Kourtney Kardashian 236331

Kourtney Kardashian Last night look:

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