Surprise, Nicole Scherzinger found love in the arms of Ed Sheeran!

Surprise, Nicole Scherzinger found love in the arms of Ed Sheeran!

While his ex, Lewis Hamilton, succeeded in pecho Rihanna, Nicole Scherzinger, she also found love...

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger, it's ancient history. If it was said very sad after their breakup, formula 1 driver was quick to find a new bomb.

The pretty boy has set its sights on Rihanna that he left more than a foot since a few days.

The singer, she also played since she has recently shared with him, his annual meeting: Barbados Carnival. On the spot, it was able to offer him his most beautiful swayings.

And while Lewis takes good time on the native island of Riri and comes close slowly but surely, his ex, Nicole Scherzinger, she also left the clan of singles.

Indeed, as reported by a source close to the former Pussycat Doll in The Sun, it is in the arms of Ed Sheeran the brunette has found love.

The two stars of the song are together only recently... but already, BFF Taylor Swift, proud of his big kick, evokes this idyll with his entourage: "It in talk to her close friends."

Last month, Nicole Scherzinger had found Ed Sheeran onstage at one of his concerts at the Wembley Stadium. They had then taken a drink in the town or grew up Mr.

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