Sofia Vergara in a wedding dress on the pages of the magazine Martha Stewart

Sofia Vergara in a wedding dress on the pages of the magazine Martha Stewart

While we can only guess what dress will choose for her wedding with Joe Manganiello Sofia Vergara. Well, first you assumptions build, looking at snapshots from the new photo shoot of actress in the autumn issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, the cover of which she graced with his appearance.

On the question of how long it will take charges for the celebration, Sofia meets:

I have everything under control, I know that I will meet exactly two hours.

How will look like her dress, Vergara until silent, mentioning only that chooses perfume, created under its name:

I will use my fragrance Sofia because Joe likes it!

The wedding of 43-year-old actress said the following:

Want to see all the guests had fun! The most important thing is to remain pleasant memories that will be with you always.

With regard to the menu in the first place on the significance of the bride puts desserts:

Cake-my favorite dish. So the dessert menu will be special-with a big cake and many other sweets.

It is already known that Joe and Sophia would marry in November at the Breakers hotel in Florida. Recently it became known that the future husband and wife are sending out invitations to a celebration.

Sofia Vergara, magazine cover

Sofia Vergara, magazine cover

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