Aug 22, 2015

Sisters struggle: Bella steals Gigi Hadid's clothes

Sisters struggle: Bella steals Gigi Hadid's clothes

Typical arguments

They are sisters, both in the model business work and are very well. Gigi and Bella Hadid show always in beautiful harmony and not at all appear as she saw a competitor in each other. Why also? There is enough space for both beauties absolutely in the celebrity world. But on one issue the siblings fun stop then - in the clothes.

As it should be among fashion-conscious sisters with similar fashion taste, Gigi and Bella share their wardrobe like. And that's usually not a problem. But Bella told in an interview with Refinery29, that mutual borrowing of clothes still occasionally leads to the dispute. "My sister and I share our clothes we" told Gigi little sister, "recently I call her to ask her something and she says only: ' give me back my belt." Bella, you know what belt I mean. Immediately bring him.' "Then she has just laid up and I could only say: 'Okay, I love you, bye!'"

Obviously the exchange of properties between Gigi and Bella is often very informal - speak, a "steal" the other simply unnoticed the occasional fashion accessory. How sweet: The model sisters remained wonderfully normal in all glory.