Aug 15, 2015

Sharon Stone shot for Harper's Bazaar nude

Sharon Stone shot for Harper's Bazaar nude

Sharon Stone at the beginning of the 90 's has become a veritable sex symbol playing in erotic thriller "basic instinct", but now, when she is 52, the star is not shy Frank filming. In the September issue of Harper's Bazaar photoshoot joined actresses, where she appears completely naked.

In an interview with Stone just reminisces about his early shoot (role in "basic instinct" Director Paul Verhoeven offered her after her photo shoot in Playboy). According to the star, it is now much more confident than it was before:

I know that I have a flabby ass, but I'm not trying to be the first beauty of the world. At some point, you start asking yourself, "what is sexy?". And it is not the size of the breast. It is to enjoy life and love yourself enough to be able to fall in love with someone else. If this shooting I tried to be what was in "basic instinct," well, we would have had a hard time today.

Sharon Stone for Harper's Bazaar

Sharon has nothing against improving their appearance and does not hide that he enjoys fillers:

They are commonplace, as any other beauty treatment. It's already something like "put makeup lashes". And it is much better than to go under the knife and then look like your face is sucked down into the turbine.

Questions about the personal life of Sharon risked too-although, according to her, telling her on this topic almost nothing:

Nobody's calling me out on dates. This is so stupid, don't even know what to do. I try more boldly to flirt, but it seems to me that men don't even realize that this is a flirt. They just think: "Oh, it's just fun."

The actress admits with laughter: many people believe that her non-traditional orientation, because it has many girlfriends-lesbian.

We hope that the star still will meet your love and will share with us in the following interview.

Sharon Stone