Aug 29, 2015

Sandra Bullock new boyfriend: what do we know about Bryan Randall

Sandra Bullock new boyfriend: what do we know about Bryan Randall

How could Sandra Bullock has tried to hide his private life from the surrounding, it was unable to long keep secret the identity of his new lover. The other day the paparazzi podlovili actress after a romantic date. The couple tried to hide from the cameras and quickly sat in the car, but also a pair of shots was enough to find out who did this Mister x. Companion Bullock-Photographer Bryan Randall. What do we know about this mysterious man? While a bit. But all that we know, we'll tell you.

Bryan Randall

1. Brian 49 years old, he hails from Portland, Oregon.

2. Bryan Randall photographer. With Sandra, he met thanks to their craft: when Bullock took photographer for his son Louis, my friends advised Brian Randall.

3. Before to stand behind the lens, over 20 years, Brian worked as a model. Behind him shooting for many glossy magazines. Probably that is why he eventually decided to pursue photography.

4. Brian Now lives and works in Los Angeles.

5. Randall has a tattoo in honor of his daughter. By the way, Sandra also vytatuirovala the name of his son Louis.

Apparently, loving everything seriously. Sources, Brian and Sandra together for several months. In addition, the actress has already introduced her new boyfriend with friends. It is with Rèndallom Bullock came to the wedding of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, which took place on 5 August.

We remind that Sandra Bullock brings up the adopted son Louis. Brian has all chances to become a good father to a boy, because children are what man knows firsthand. As stated above, Randall has a daughter.

After her divorce from Jesse James in 2010 year actress for a while decided to close their hearts from men and focused on the upbringing of her son and work.

We hope that the relationship will Randall Bullock and best. They say Sandra happy with her new lover.

Bryan Randall photographer