Aug 25, 2015

Rania of Jordan: Queen of the selfie with beauties of girls!

Rania of Jordan Queen of the selfie with beauties of girls

Queen Rania of Jordan has posted a nice selfie on Instagram. She posed alongside his daughters.

Married to Abdullah II, she is the Queen of Jordan but Rania also reigns over elegance.

That will celebrate its 45 years August 31 never misses an opportunity to prove that it is a true fashionista. Like the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

And she is not only gifted to fill her dressing of pretty pieces, Rania is also a woman totally devoted to the Jordanian population.

Every day, a new fight. Very committed, it helps well associations. And when it is not in the street, with her family that she spends her free time.

MOM of four children, the friend of Lalla Salma of the Morocco also recently posted a selfie on which she appears alongside her two daughters: princesses Iman and Salma, his "little chicks".

Queen Rania of Jordan