Aug 9, 2015

Pop war? Miley Cyrus blasphemes publicly about Taylor Swift!

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Pop war? Miley Cyrus blasphemes publicly about Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift does not truly belong to the most popular singers in the music industry and provoke with their colleagues from time to time. Now also Miley Cyrus against Taylor Swift from holt - all noodle scandal Miley questioning their role from teen model!

In the video for "Bad Blood", Taylor gathered that "who of who" the entertainment industry to be with Selena Gomez as she takes apart an Office and beat up men. This clip is really the thing!
I don't understand this violence-revenge thing,
- so Miley to Marie Claire.

It is completely hypocritical regarding Taylor as pre show woman, while she'll criticized themselves for their freedom of movement:
This should be a good role model? 
 I'm a bad example because I show my breasts?

While Miley for example only half-naked sitting on a wrecking ball and ripped walls, men were attacked in Taylor's video. Miley are therefore questioning the public image of clean Mrs Taylor:
I don't know how breasts can be worse than guns.
Miley Cyrus

Taylor Swift