Aug 12, 2015

Plus-size model Ashley Graham told about how to love your body

Plus-size model Ashley Graham told about how to love your body

Ashley Graham is one of the most famous and successful plus-size models. 27-year-old American woman this year was shooting for Sports Illustrated, was created when the collection of lingerie for overweight girls and constantly appeared in sight of the fashion press. Besides all this, Ashley willingly shares experiences with girls who possess the "nemodel′nymi" options and worried about this.

Graham has repeatedly spoke to students in the schools, talking with them about the right attitude towards your body. This summer it was invited into the American Camp Pocono Trails, where teenagers help cope with the problem of excess weight and complexes.

Speaking to the girls, Ashley described how, when he moved to New York, gained nearly ten kilograms, which practically hate myself.

I kept repeating to myself that I'm ugly and fat, it was all disgusting,

-recognized model. According to her low self-esteem led to bad consequences: she wore baggy clothing, "not with those guys," and generally suffering from complexes, have not yet realized that an urgent need to change something.

One day I suddenly said to myself: ' what am I doing? My mom raised me and my aunt raised me not ". Then I decided to look at myself in the mirror and say to yourself: "I am beautiful, and I have a great figure." The first few months I do not believe, but in one book I read that if you repeat the same thing every day, it's sure to happen.

I learned to love your body, start work on it, to take care of themselves. No self deception, I just told myself: "everything has changed, you're beautiful and worthy". You do not say neither a man nor a girlfriend, no. Only I can say it.

Ashley Graham

By the way, Instagram Ashley regularly publishes funny "mantra" for those who have, as she has before, there is a claim to your own reflection. For example:

If your feet are touching when walking, so you're one step closer to becoming a mermaid.

how to love your body

Well, the ability to laugh at themselves-quality peculiar to confident, so we have no doubt that all complexes of Ashley Graham truly a thing of the past.

Ashley Graham told about how to love your body

Plus-size model Ashley Graham

Plus-size model Ashley Graham