Aug 18, 2015

Pink look after separation: Rita Ora now has sweet hair

Pink look after separation: Rita Ora now has sweet hair

You fight the love

The typical women strategy, officially ushering in a new phase of life after a breakup? A new hairstyle. Also Rita Ora shows changed after the relationship with Ricky Hilfiger - the musician has now pink hair.

For a month, Rita Ora is officially single. But instead of long moping, rather she focused on her career and throws himself into work. On Instagram, she announced the the preparation of their new tour accompanied by cool snapshots. Rita fought their heartache so by lots of distraction. The photos you have posted show that the 24-year-old has missed a new look. Her previously blonde hair shine now in a delicate pink. Perfectly smooth, they look fabulous to Rita's sweet summer dress and a flower wreath on his head.

Already at the teen choice awards Rita Ora showed not only a good mood, but also with lighter pink color in the hair. In the aftermath of the event, it seems to have dyed to her mane, so that it is now evenly pink but once again. New look and distraction--so going strategically Rita Ora against their heartache.

Rita Ora now has sweet hair