Aug 15, 2015

Natalia Vodianova: autistic, her sister was discriminated against!

Natalia Vodianova: autistic, her sister was discriminated against!

Outraged by the discrimination suffered by her autistic sister, the beautiful Natalia Vodianova has decided to speak on his Facebook account!

Sad story... Since yesterday, the Russia indignant face discrimination suffered by Oksana Kusakina, the sister of the famous top Natalia Vodianova! While she was in a cafe located in Nizhny Novgorod with her nurse, she was forced to leave the institution.

According to the Russian beautiful 33 year old, the boss approached her and demanded him to leave: "you are afraid to all our clients. Will do you to treat and take care of your children. And then only show you in public places."

According to the wife of Antoine Arnault, the only other present customer on-site trying to reason the keeper who then called the police and filed a complaint for "petty".

To try to justify this Act, the owner's son said that Oksana has scared off customers "is typing the head against the wall". Extremely hurt and angry after what happened to her sister, the pretty blonde held to raise awareness and has call "the ethics of journalists" on autism: "we have all of the features, we are all different, but that does not mean that we are sick".

Facing many reactions and indignation, the investigative Committee decided to open an inquiry for "violations to the dignity of a person because of his membership in a particular social group".