Aug 14, 2015

Model with Down Syndrome will participate in fashion week in New York

Madeline Stuart girl with Down syndrome who decided to ignore the stereotypes and become a model. 18-year-old Madeline so wanted to fulfill his dream, that brought myself up, lost almost 20 pounds, made shots and launched the Internet campaign to become a model. Already a few months later she began to receive offers on cooperation.

Recently it became known that in the new round of Madeline's career-girl would participate in the fashion show at fashion week in New York. This news story Stewart shared with your subscribers in Armenia.

Guess who goes to New York for fashion week?

- Madeline wrote on social networks.

This is not the first time that people with disabilities taking part in New York fashion week. In February 2015 year actress Jamie Brewer, whose down syndrome appeared on the podium of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

By the way, in addition to fashion week, Madeline's career another joyous occasion. In July of this year, the girl became the face of a new collection of bags and accessories EverMaya.

We chose Madeleine Stewart not only because it has the features. She is a young woman who, thanks to the support of his mom Rosanna, demonstrated the discipline and self-sacrifice when lost 20 kilos to fulfill his dream. In addition, she leads an active social life, she has many friends and a long-term relationship with a guy. Madeline-a role model not only for people with disabilities, but also for everyone who wants to become better and to get more from life,

-General Director EverMaya Damian Grèjbèll.

Willpower, and belief in a dream of Madeleine Stuart really deserve admiration.

model Madeline Stuart-girl with Down syndrome

model Madeline Stuart-girl with Down syndrome

Madeline Stuart model with Down syndrome

Madeline Stuart model with Down syndrome