Aug 29, 2015

Miley Cyrus about MTV VMA 2015: This will be the craziest show

Miley Cyrus about MTV VMA 2015: this is the craziest show

Tomorrow will take place annual MTV Music Awards ceremony. And, it seems, this show will truly be an unforgettable experience. At least, Miley Cyrus, which this year will be leading the VMA, promised to make it a truly crazy.

Recently, singer, characterized by predilection for outrageous antics and candid outfits, answered questions from their fans on social networks. One of the fans of Cyrus asked her what moments in the history of VMA liked her more than anything, that got a response:

They have not yet occurred. Believe me, this year is the craziest VMA in the history!

Miley, which often appears semi-nude in public, also stated that and her outfits at the upcoming ceremony will not leave anyone indifferent:

I requested that I had as much as possible on the MTV VMA-2015, so I was able to change the image multiple times. There will be so many colors and decorations! I want this to be the most colorful VMA of all time.

Yes, Miley did not borrow. This girl really knows how to be light and surprise the audience with their antics. Remember, at least, her candid dance at the ceremony year 2013-shocked were absolutely everything. So doubt that VMA led by Cyrus will be unforgettable.

Miley Cyrus about MTV VMA 2015