Madonna: Do not forget to eat, she committed an Assistant!

Madonna: Do not forget to eat, she committed an Assistant!

Star Madonna, who is currently preparing its next world tour comes to hire a worker supposed to remind him to eat... A whole program!

The stars were often many assistants to take care of important things but sometimes also for other more dispensable. Madonna made us recently a perfect illustration. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the popstar revealed that it had to hire an Assistant to remind him of good food!

I call it the food police 

- says humorously the interpreter of

Like a virgin.

It does not stop asking me ' is what you are you train from eat? ', is that you have drank enough water?' and me I reply ' sl##, emerging from my dance bar.

It must be recognized that aged 56, the singer always displays an insolent form. A physique she wants more than ever at the top as it is currently in full preparation for its new tour during which she will be not stingy effort. Madonna currently follows a very strict program and passes between ten and twelve hours a day to train.

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