Life Aquatic: Britney Spears posing in the guise of mermaids

Life Aquatic: Britney Spears posing in the guise of mermaids

Candid bikini this summer already nobody will be surprised, but the mermaid's tail - is another story. Stars like little Mermaid fairy image, that they gladly try on this role for itself. Here's Britney Spears a few hours ago shared a similar photo.

The picture shows the singer posing in the pool with blue rusaloč′im tail surrounded by his synishek-9-year-old Preston and 8-year-old Jayden. By the way, colored strands singer very fit her new image.

Life of mermaids,

-signed photos of the star.

Britney Spears posing in the guise of mermaids

Looking at this shot, we, of course, could not recall a recent picture with Kim Kardashian's pages where the image all the same character try on her daughter North and niece Penelope.

As for Britney, she now leave: singer rests from concerts in Las Vegas, which painted all her schedule in recent months. Free time Brit spends with the children, as her fans will learn from Instagram.

Spears shared the family too yesterday frames-photo, where all three visited a chocolate factory, as well as roll, in which Preston and Jayden collect constructor.

Britney with Preston and Jayden at the chocolate factory

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