Aug 12, 2015

Kristen Stewart: "I do not intend to conceal my orientation"

Kristen Stewart: I do not intend to conceal my orientation.

Kristen Stewart appeared on the cover of the September issue of Nylon Magazine, in an interview with telling about his attitude to sexuality.

According to the actress, her annoying society seeks to attach labels to the sexual preferences of the person:

I have nothing to hide, I'm not hiding. You can look for information about my orientation in Google. Hopefully, after a few years would not be the case with anyone before who's gay and who's not.

I am an actress, so I like to be different. I don't think it would be right to make a fireplace out. Until I'll create your own charitable organization, or my opinion will be important for the public, I will refrain from loud statements.

According to the media, so Kristen indirectly confirmed the rumors of his bisexuality and relations with long-time girlfriend Alicia Kargajl. Information about the novel Kristen and Alicia appeared in the press about a year ago, but Stewart refused to officially comment.

Also in an interview with the actress noted that shooting in "Twilight" had a major influence on the State of her psyche:

I am proud that not got to analysts after "Twilight". Although at times it pull me crazy. With age I became much balanced.

Kristen Stewart for Nylon Magazine

Kristen Stewart for Nylon Magazine

Kristen Stewart photo shoot

Kristen Stewart photo shoot for Nylon Magazine