Aug 8, 2015

Kelly Rutherford's ex-husband accused her of kidnapping the children

Kelly Rutherford's ex-husband accused her of kidnapping the children

In family life, star of tv series "Gossip Girl" Kelly Rutherford all hard. Three years ago, the actress lost her former husband German predprinematelû Daniel Giršu-right territorial custody of two children. The judge ruled that the children should be with his father. All these three years, daughter Helen and son of Hermes Kelly lived in the Principality of Monaco, sometimes arriving to visit her mother.

And so, the other day, Rutherford decided to end this. The actress refused to let the children back to the Principality of Monaco, saying that she is entitled to they lived with her in the United States:

The last three years have been very difficult. My children were forced to leave the United States when his son was five years old, and my daughter just three years. In may, a judge in California has given me the right to sole custody. I was overjoyed that my children will now be with me. But the trials started again. But my kids have the right to remain in the United States.

Summer Elaine and Ermes spent with his stellar mom in New York, and when it was time to go in the Principality of Monaco, Kelly decided to leave the children behave forever.

I hope that this decision will put an end to the judicial proceedings. My kids have the right to live happily in their home country. My husband, as any German citizen, can fly with their passport to America and see the children. I flew from the United States in the past three years, the Principality of Monaco

- Kelly continued.

As you can guess, the ex-husband of actress Daniel Hirsch is not thrilled with this turn of events. The businessman said that gave Kelly the money to travel to the Principality of Monaco to the children, and that returns a son and a daughter home. Hirsch's Attorney issued a statement on his client's intentions:

Daniel will always protect their children from any harm or interference of the MEDIA. Kelly abducted children. Daniel will do everything to restore as soon as possible, the safety and well-being of Helen and Ermes. He is very concerned that Kelly Act can injure children.

We hope that such a nasty conflict between Kkelli Rutherford and Daniel Giersch soon will be resolved peacefully and ex-spouses decide to make their kids happy.

Kelly Rutherford with children

Kelly Rutherford with children