Aug 22, 2015

Johnny Depp: What happened to the sex symbol?

Johnny Depp What happened to the sex symbol

He is totally swollen

Winona Ryder, Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis and now amber heard: Johnny Depp has a weakness for beautiful women, and she for him. At least until recently. Because the actor was not sexy, but it's pretty swollen now at a gig.

Strubbeliges, medium hair, an impish smile and a lean, sinewy body - so you know Johnny Depp and amber heard his wife loves him. But at a charity gig in Los Angeles, where he appeared on stage together with Gene Simmons, Johnny was now quite different. His hair was greasy combed to the back of the head, his gaze seemed tired and empty. But especially noticed that the Hollywood star has put on some pounds - the vest stretched across his belly and especially his face appeared swollen. What happened to the sex symbol of the 90s? Johnny came again to the bottle? Because, no secret is that he has to fight many years with an alcohol and drug problem. Also on the set of the fifth part of the Pirates of the Caribbean series constantly delirious was he, which is why the Director prescribed him a break in filming.

Johnny Depp What happenedJohnny Depp