Aug 6, 2015

Jennifer Lopez: a handsome shirtless naked and tattooed, she said never!

Jennifer Lopez: a handsome shirtless naked and tattooed, she said never!

Still at New York for filming his new series, Jennifer Lopez was seen deep in conversation with one of its partners in filming. Interested?

When the cat is not there, the mouse dance!

These days, Jennifer Lopez took his distances with her toyboy Casper Smart, because there is water in the gas between the bomba latina and her young boyfriend but because J - Lo turns its new series in New York.

After pretending to be wounded in the head on the eve, Jennifer Lopez has lived a new action-packed day. Program this Wednesday, August 5, a frantic Chase in the Bronx, neighborhood she knows very well because she has grown up, and an arrest.

Jean, white top and beige trench, Jennifer Lopez once again gave his person before the camera. Once the completed, the star who just celebrated his 46 years shared a conversation with his supposedly suspect who left his clothes after the arrest. In cougar self-respecting, J - Lo has missed nothing of the spectacle offered to it. Assists while the handsome tattooed neck was standing, the star had a breathtaking view. And Casper in all this?

Often accustomed to romantic comedies (the Plan B, Maid in Manhattan...), Jennifer Lopez seems determined to prevail in other registries. It including recently marked the spirits with the thriller a too perfect neighbor.

In Shades Of Blue, the NBC series that should be launched current 2016, the star plays the role of an Inspector of police forced to provide to the FBI for information on corrupt colleagues. While waiting to discover on TV, check out new pictures of Jennifer filming.