Aug 23, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence: his incredible friendship with... the Kardashian!

Jennifer Lawrence: his incredible friendship with... the Kardashian!

She dreamed, that is done... Jennifer Lawrence is visibly close to Kris Jenner, the mother of the Kardashian family. Like what, devour their show, it pays!

Decidedly, the Kardashians seems to know all the stars in vogue. While Kanye is a great friend of Beyonce and Jay - Z, even if these are not fans of Kim, the clan meets half of the most popular models of the year thanks to Kendall, as well as John Legend song stars. However, there is a woman that we would never have imagined being friend with the family... Jennifer Lawrence!
Unexpected parenthesis

Indeed, J - Law is the opposite of the bimbos of Calabasas. Natural, anti star-system, discrete as possible... It looks like nothing to young women and yet. While his birthday took place last week (August 15), Kris Jenner just posted a picture of them two together.

In the picture you can see two women on a bed, their legs intertwined. While they are in full reading Albert Camus they make a grimace of surprise.

As a comment, Kris scored: "happy birthday bunch of m *..." Lord, I love you Jennifer Lawrence thanks for making this night a memory... "Even though we were surprised... I love you, happy birthday my beauty". A well funny friendship between the momager and actress paid the planet.

Remember that Jen had recently told be a fan of the show Keeping Up With the Kardashian, she had already met Kim in the crossing in New York. His dream of being close to the clan is now fulfilled.