Aug 8, 2015

Here, Christina Milian lets off steam off neatly

US star not ladylike

Here, Christina Milian lets off steam off neatly

Usually, you know the American singer Christina Milian very feminine and sexy. In her music videos, the star likes to show what female qualities he has and plays with its charms. And also on the red carpet, Milian is a real eye-catcher. On the latest images of the musician, you can however see a completely different side of her.

Baseball Cap, evil face and a cigarette in his mouth - so now, Christina Milian was discovered in West Hollywood. In the baggy look and tired overlooking it rises with steaming Ciggy from her pink SUV out. Only on closer inspection you can see: the singer smoking no normal here, but an E-cigarette. Ladylike looks not the whole thing but still.

After she let off some steam, but also their mood rises: in love with the puppy of a passer-by, and can it be not to pet the little dog. A good mood like you but much better, love Christina.

Christina Miliansmoking

American singer Christina Milian

Christina Milian