Fashion history course in three minutes: men's swimsuits

Fashion history course in three minutes: men's swimsuits

A small video, which shows the history of fashion over the past 100 years, have become very popular on the net. We've watched the evolution of the male costume, as women's beauty has changed in Russia and other interesting videos. The time has come for swimsuits.

Fashion history men's swimsuits

In the new three-minute video shows how changed fashion for men's bathing suits over the past 100 years. And changed it sufficiently. For example, in year 1915 a strong floor had to enjoy your vacation on the water almost jumpsuit. Over time, the bathing suit became smaller and more convenient.

Fashion history men's swimsuits 1945

The most candid views of male attire adopted, perhaps in the 70 's. Then lengthen again and in 90-s became more like regular shorts. Ends the year 2015 roller.


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