Aug 18, 2015

Emotional appearance: Taylor Swift dedicates song the godchild

Emotional appearance: Taylor Swift dedicates song the godchild

Taffe singer very soft

A special song for someone special: on a concert Taylor Swift showed not only how beautiful she can sing she showed also, as thoughtful and emotionally a kid can do it.

Never Grow Up is the song, the Taylor Swift her godchild of Leo Thames before a huge audience in the Levi's stadium in Santa Clara, California, devoted. "I wrote the song with 18 or 19, but my girlfriend has a baby and I'm the godmother of the small one.", she told the audience. "One night I held this baby and began to think differently. You think the kid who is so innocent and so perfect and he has no idea what's coming everything on him. [...] It made me think and I wrote the song "Never Grow Up", she added in the same breath. The audience was so enthusiastic about the soul-stirring speech that it brought the mega - concert hall to the quake.

Although some colleagues from the music scene can not stand the 25 year-old singer, she has become even more popular with her touching performance at the fans and proved that she is not only the singer with the most expensive legs, but also one that has a big heart.