Drunk Lady GAGA not stood on his feet and fell: Video

Drunk Lady GAGA not stood on his feet and fell: Video

As reported by TMZ, the 29-year-old American singer again suffered a mishap. After dinner the restaurant Pump Lounge, she dropped to her knees beside his car.

Outrageous Hollywood star always knew how to surprise their fans and paparazzi.

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This time for a hike in one of the restaurants in Los Angeles (United States) Lady GAGA chose an extravagant outfit: Red-Black color, and on his head artist flaunted a huge rose.

The paparazzi caught the singer, when she left the institution. Western tabloid immediately noticed that the star was drunk: loudly laughed, joked, and at the end and dropped to her knees, approaching the car.

Standing near a man quickly helped Lady GAGA to rise. In gratitude the singer smile and sat in the car, as if nothing had happened.

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