Aug 25, 2015

Chris Brown: discover her new tattoo!

Chris Brown: discover her new tattoo!

While it is already ultra tattooed, singer Chris Brown has decided to move up a gear and getting a tattoo skull!

It, risk it to remember! While the fact of getting a tattoo is never part of fun, some parts of the body are more sensitive and leave more or less painful memories. Among the people, there are many stars who decorated many drawings and that iron regularly under the needle.

While the beautiful Rihanna has tattooed his date of birth on the ankle a few days ago, it is her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown who travelled in a tattoo shop today (Tuesday, 25 August)! Tattooed on hands, torso and many other parts of the body, the interpreter of "New Flame" went into high gear in getting tattooed skull!

According to the US website TMZ that reveals information, the 26-year-old artist has cracked for the portrait of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and sexuality in Greek mythology! While Chris Brown had posted a photo of the back of his skull to unveil this artwork on its Instagarm account, he then withdrew it...

Waiting to post a new picture of this tattoo that is not likely to go unnoticed, he continued to fight for custody of her baby girl Royalty! So, what do you think of her new tattoo?

Chris Brown new tattoo