Aug 18, 2015

Cara Delevingne told about dark side of model business

Cara Delevingne told about dark side of model business

We got used to constant jokes and Cara Delevingne grimaces, but during conversation with the correspondent of The Times the celebrity was more than is serious. Still, after all it was talked of "dark sides" of model business because of which, according to Kara, she also made the decision to change a profession.

We will remind that Delevingne acts in at film now, and her successful model career faded into the background. In new interview the 23-year-old British confirms that won't act in fashionable photoshoots any more.

As Cara speaks, it isn't pleasant to it that in the model industry young girls should mature too early, after all even teenagers "need to accept sexual poses in front of the camera".

From it simply feels sick me, after all I partly the feminist. It is awful and disgusting, so far as concerns absolutely young girls. You start working at early age, and in you already then see sexual object.

And it not the only problem. According to Cara Delevingne, its schedule at some point became so intense that it was reflected on its health:

In a beginning of the career I worked too much what I didn't refuse. Obviously, it was my fault, but... someone could at least advise me to stop!
Cara Delevingne

At model psoriasis - a skin disease which manifestations had to be hidden under a dense bed of voice-frequency means began.

People put on gloves not to touch my skin, they considered that it is some leprosy or something like that.

As Cara Delevingne speaks, the stress became one of causes of illness:

If you hate yourself, the body and in general how you look, everything only becomes worse.

Cara Delevingne

Wear it is recognized that even as a teenager, she suffered from depression:

The depression, alarm, hatred to themselves fell upon me. Sometimes it was so sick that I fought the head about a tree to beat out it all from myself.

Cara Delevingne

The girl says that experience in the model industry did it more harm, than advantage, though taught something:

I didn't become thanks to it more mature personality at all. I forgot that is young, and seemed to myself old...

But I am able to stand for myself and for the relatives now. If I see injustice, simply I explode. Once someone crosses line, he learns about it.

According to Kara, on a set of movies it now feels where is more comfortable, than before a lens of the fashionable photographer therefore considers an actor's profession calling.

Cara Delevingne