Aug 7, 2015

Busta Rhymes: The rapper was arrested!

Busta Rhymes The rapper was arrested

When Busta Rhymes made his sport, should not bother him because it starts at the quarter-turn...

Busta Rhymes is one of the most talented American rappers of his generation, and when it's not music or that it is not in the evening doing the feast, the 43-year-old man is at the gym.

It is also during one of its meetings, to Steel Gym, a room located in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York that everything has degenerated this Wednesday, August 5.

Indeed, ABC News reported that the rapper has fought with one of the employees of the Hall and that after the two men have exchanged a few shots, Busta ended him launch his "protein shake" Strawberry who hit it head.

The police were called and the star, whose real name is Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr., was arrested at around 20:30 for assault in the second degree, which involves intentional physical injury.

According to present witnesses on the scene at the time of the facts, the victim refused to seek treatment following the brawl, therefore, it is assumed that his wounds were superficial.

For counsel for the rapper from Brooklyn, Scott Leemon, this entire story is "what a crock of shit", he told the Daily News before that the employee in question was not disinterested... "This is another attempt to take advantage of the fame of Busta".

He remains confident to see his client be declared not guilty.

For the moment, no explanation was given as to the reason for this fight.

Case to follow...