Britney Spears showed new pictures and videos with his son

Britney Spears showed new pictures and videos with his son

Despite the fact that Britney Spears is still under the tutelage of his father and, rumor has it, will become independent yet soon, this does not prevent her to live full lives and enjoy their children. The singer has shared with fans in the concert rehearsal photos Instagram and new pictures and videos with his son.

Britney posted in social network photos with her son and his little friend, who came to visit her at the rehearsal before the concert.

Glad to see those little faces at its today's rehearsal

Britney wrote below the photo.

Britney Spears showed new pictures with his son

The singer also shared the snapshot with the rehearsals and wrote that the Verkhovna Rada will soon go on stage:

It's incredible that tomorrow I'll be back on stage #PeaceOfMe. I am so excited.
Britney Spears

Like any mom, Britney likes to brag about their children's successes, especially if these achievements really are. The singer showed a small video, which her son skillfully riding his skateboard and enters on a ramp. After it becomes clear that the boy has talent.

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