Aug 8, 2015

Beyonce: "too busy" the sexy businesswoman!

Beyonce: too busy the sexy businesswoman

Beyonce, who would prepare his return, doesn't have a second to it... this summer, no question of hang up.

The interpreter of "Telephone" do not leave hers. Beyonce has much to do: preparing his comeback in the bins.

Moreover, for his next clip, Texas diva should, to believe the rumor, wear court shoes more encrusted 1 300 diamonds, 18kt gold. The price of these gems? 285 000 euros!

This is the most incredible model. Beyonce is part of our dream customers. If you are looking for someone to embody your creations, there is no better than Beyonce
- explained Chris Shellis, creator of the famous pair of stilettos.

Perched on this money, Bue Ivy MOM and wife of rapper awaiting American Jay - Z was spotted flat, in New York.

In her sexy dress, Queen Bey ran quickly towards his helicopter... not a minute to lose, the business does not wait!

Recently, the main complainant unveiled a collection of ephemeral tattoos that fans expect tearing and a captivating shooting. A good way to make them wait.