Aug 13, 2015

Ariel Winter made a breast reduction operation

Ariel Winter made a breast reduction operation

Actress Ariel Winter made the plasticity of mammary glands, reducing breast size with 32F to 34 d.

17-year-old actress recognition for shooting in the series "an American family", reported that in ecstatic about the results of the operation:

I can't even pick up the words to describe how good I feel now. This is an amazing lightness!

According to Ariel, a large breast size not only channeled her physical discomfort, but also limited the choice of clothes:

I had to wear tight-fitting dresses that emphasized form-in clothes tailor made my breasts look awful.

All have criticized me for being too adult clothing style, but I just don't have any other choice.

Ariel Winter has made breast reduction

Ariel Winter aftr made breast reduction

I tried not to pay attention to the criticism on the Internet, but was not happy with the same size. I made this operation for himself, and now everything is different,

-added Wynter.

Ariel Winter

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