Aug 22, 2015

23 birthday: Demi Lovato got a little dog!

23 birthday: Demi Lovato got a little dog!

"Batman" is so tiny

Thursday Demi Lovato celebrated her 23rd birthday and as a gift, we handed her something very special: A small black ball of wool in the form of dogs!

Ummm... ... May I introduce people... Batman, 
- she wrote under her Instagram image.

 And so that their fans have the puppy is how tiny, she held her hand for comparison also an idea. But the kid did not interfere with the Flash of the camera and calmly took a NAP on the couch of his mistress.

Demi Lovato got a little dog

A month is here, the US singer and actress has lost her beloved dog buddy due to a tragic accident. Because the small Maltese Bichon hybrid was torn in her garden by a wild Coyote. With the loss of her faithful companion, the 23-year-old coped difficult and cancelled for the time being even all public appearances after the tragedy. But now she seems ready for a new dog love to be and will fit on the small dwarf now sure anymore.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato little dog