Jul 13, 2015

Valeria Gai Germanica married

Valeria Gai Germanica married

Last Saturday, Valeria Gai Germanica, and her beloved Vadim Lyubushkin officially legalized their relationship in one of the capital's registry office. However, the triumph of the director and dancer staged until the following day.
Instead of the traditional banquet with the master of ceremonies, and various competitions spouses gathered relatives and guests of the club, where guests congratulations sounded by Dj-sets.

What As for the image of Germanica, there were no surprises - walked down the aisle in a classic celebrity ivory dress that will complement the long veil.

Valeria Gai Germanica Vadim Lyubushkin wedding

Valeria Gai Germanica and Vadim met on the set of the show "Dancing with the Stars": he danced in a pair with Love Tolkalina actress, and she - with the dancer Maxim Petrov.

first couple appeared in public in April in Omsk, where they arrived at the National Film Debuts "movement."