Jul 13, 2015

The title of "Miss USA 2015" won the 26-year-old actress from Oklahoma

The title of "Miss USA 2015" won the 26-year-old actress from Oklahoma

Winner of the title "Miss USA 2015" was the 26-year-old resident of Oklahoma - aspiring actress and a graduate of the University of Boston Olivia Jordan, which currently has a fitness instructor.

Girl managed to win a victory not only for its beauty, but also an adequate response to a provocative question to the jury about what topic can be considered "sick" in the United States. And if the other contestants ranged from the answers that Jordan was not afraid to curl publicly that America still is an issue of race relations:

We still need to talk about race relations in the country, we still not solved this problem ... We are, in fact, need to work hard to become the host society.

second place in a beauty contest took 22-year-old from Texas Ulianna Guerra.

Miss USA 2015, Olivia Jordan

Miss USA 2015, Olivia Jordan

Crown on the head of Olivia Jordan wore Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez
Crown on the head of Olivia Jordan wore "Miss USA 2014" Nia Sanchez

The winner of the contest Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan and Ulianna Guerra, who finished second

In the contest "Miss USA 2015" was attended by women from 50 states and the District of Columbia Metropolitan.
The number of tests through which the contestants had to go, came the answers to various questions leading, fashion evening dresses, and of course in bathing suits. At the last stop, and we offer:

Olivia Jordan - Miss Oklahoma
Olivia Jordan - "Miss Oklahoma"

Olivia Jordan - Miss Oklahoma

Ulianna Guerra - Miss Texas
Ulianna Guerra - "Miss Texas"

Brittany McGowan - Miss Nevada
Brittany McGowan - "Miss Nevada"
Emma Wu - Miss Hawaii
Emma Wu - "Miss Hawaii"

Rene Bull - Miss Delaware
Rene Bull - "Miss Delaware"

Candice Bennett - Miss Louise's
Candice Bennett - "Miss Louise's"

Tatiana Diaz - Miss New York
Tatiana Diaz - "Miss New York"

Aneya Garcia - Miss Rhode Island
Aneya Garcia - "Miss Rhode Island"

Rene Vroneski - Miss Illinois
Rene Vroneski - "Miss Illinois"

Participants of the beauty contest "Miss USA 2015"